Which TV Shows Are the Best of 2017?

I have to admit, it was a tough year for most of the shows that made it to my list.

I was so focused on the fall season that I didn’t watch any new TV shows.

I had a few shows I enjoyed, like “The Walking Dead,” “The Expanse,” and “Stranger Things.”

But in the end, I didn´t want to lose my favorite shows.

In 2018, I decided to try to revisit my favorite TV shows from this year, and I´m happy to report that “House of Cards” is a perfect example.

I loved watching it last year.

And it was also a great experience for a new show, since I had to watch it for the first time.

It´s hard to say how I feel about this year´s list.

In a way, “House Of Cards” was the best TV show of 2018.

I enjoyed watching it for a long time and I had so much fun watching it with my family and friends.

There are some good episodes in this season, and the new seasons are a nice change of pace from the older seasons.

The episodes that are missing are those that were a little longer than they needed to be.

I feel like the series needed to explore some of its darker themes, but this season had enough good moments and some truly surprising episodes to keep me interested.

The biggest disappointment this season was the ending of the “Dirty Dancing” arc, which felt like the end of the series in terms of the characters, storylines, and plot.

The show was a little too far ahead of its time, so it had to go.

Still, I liked the final season of the show, and it has my vote for the best episode of the year.

I am not ready to say it is the best season of TV, but it is definitely a contender.

I have enjoyed watching the show since I was a kid and I think that it has the potential to continue to have great seasons.

“The Last Man On Earth” is another TV show that is missing its star.

But I enjoyed it this season.

It was an unexpected departure from the usual “Big Bang Theory” fare, and some of the ideas from the first season of “The Leftovers” were thrown into the mix.

It also had some really fun characters.

It had an ending that felt a little different from the previous seasons, and this time, the writers and the actors worked together to come up with something that was satisfying.

The final season has the best ending of any season of any TV show I have ever watched.

I thought the finale was really fitting and was really moving, but I still don´t think it was the final episode.

I liked what the writers were doing with this final season, which is not necessarily the best, but there was enough going on and the show did a good job of delivering on its promise.

“Game of Thrones” is one of my favorite series of all time, and “Game Of Thrones” fans are not only going to love the ending, but the characters.

Fans of the books and the TV show know how loyal and loving George R.R. Martin is, and he was really able to make this series into something truly special.

I like that this is the first TV show to be adapted from the novels, and Martin did a fantastic job with the adaptation.

The story line was so rich and well developed and the characters were very, very well developed.

It felt like a sequel to the books, but at the same time, it really feels like it is a completely new show.

The actors were great in this series, and they had a lot of fun working with George R.-Martin.

The new season will be a new story, and if it is good, I will definitely watch it again.

“Arrow” is not the only new show to make the list, but “Arrows” is my favorite new TV show.

This season was fun, dark, and really smart.

There was a lot to love about this season of Arrow.

The writers and producers made some really creative choices, and you got to see what happens when a man who can’t read, an alien with a super power, and a black woman come to live in the city of Oliver Queen are all brought together by a team of heroes.

I think it had the potential of becoming one of the best shows of 2018, and in my opinion, the only TV show worth watching this year.

“Gotham” is probably my favorite show on television.

I know that Gotham was an enormous disappointment in 2018, but a lot has changed for Gotham this season in a big way.

The season starts out strong, and fans of the comic will definitely love the character of Bruce Wayne.

The series has really gotten into a groove and is getting really good at telling its own story, which I really like.

I will also admit that the second half of the season

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