Which Texas house is the most dangerous?

A new survey has found that the smallest houses in Texas are the most risky, with a deadly mix of dangerous locks, dangerous windows, and the lack of a safety net.

A report released Wednesday by the Texas Association of Governments (TAAG) found that more than a quarter of the nation’s smallest homes had a deadly combination of locks, unsafe windows, dangerous doors, and no fire sprinkler systems.

A Texas Association spokesperson told NBC News that “smaller” is defined as a home of less than 2,000 square feet and has no more than five occupants.

The Texas Association estimates that fewer than 2 percent of homes in the U.S. are actually smaller than 2.5 square feet.

But, TAAG said, in the past decade, the number of such homes has jumped by nearly two-thirds.

“As the size of the average home has grown, the threat posed by this combination of unsafe locks, fire sprinklers, and insufficient fire safety has grown,” the TAAGs report states.

“These problems are now affecting our lives every day.”

“Smaller houses are also more likely to be unsafe,” said TAAGA president and CEO David Kranz.

“They’re less safe.”

This study included data from 2016, a year when the TPAG found that 26.6 percent of all the states small homes contained a deadly locked door.

“It’s an issue that we’ve seen before,” Kranzy said.

“We know it’s happening in other parts of the country, and we know it happens in Texas.”

The Texas Institute for Safety and Environmental Control (TISA) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for fire and safety.

It also studies the health effects of homes and property, and studies the safety of communities.

The group says that in the last two decades, the prevalence of unsafe doors has increased by more than 60 percent, and fires have increased by 60 percent.

The TISA found that one in 10 Texas homes had an unsafe lock on the front door, which would allow someone to get inside.

The report found that only about 8 percent of the states smallest homes have sprinklers on the rear doors.

The same report found one in three of the largest cities in Texas has no sprinklers in the rear of the home.

A number of cities and counties in Texas have fire sprinkles, but those are only for residential use, according to the TISA.

The largest city in Texas, Austin, has more than 500,000 homes.

A 2015 study by the TWA Institute for Sustainable Communities found that homeowners who live in homes with sprinklers were more likely than non-snowboarders to have asthma, hypertension, and obesity.

The study also found that a number of states have laws that require fire sprinkling on small homes, including Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Kansas.

The fire sprinklement laws vary from state to state, and some require sprinklers to be installed by a licensed insurance company, but the TTAG found the majority of homes do not have sprinkler installation at all.

“This is one of the most common mistakes people make,” Krantz said.

While a homeowner with asthma or hypertension may want to install sprinklers and smoke detectors, they may not have access to them in their home.

“Most of these people are not insured,” Krasz said, adding that many don’t have access or aren’t aware of their responsibilities.

The data released Wednesday also found homes in Texas with an unsafe door can have a much higher fire hazard than smaller homes.

In most of the state, the TSAG found, a home with an unsecured, unlocked door was much more likely for a fire than a smaller home.

According to the report, in Texas: • 33 percent of unsecurable doors are less than three feet tall.

• 30 percent of large unsecurables have a floor space less than eight feet.

• 40 percent of small unsecursable doors are greater than three and a half feet tall and have a total floor area of more than 12 feet.

A 2013 TTA report found homes with no fire escapes in Texas were almost twice as likely to have a fire hazard as homes with fire escapes.

In Texas, the report found a fire risk of one in nine homes was due to a fire escape.

This means a home that has no fire escape or sprinklers is nearly twice as dangerous as a house with fire escape and sprinklers.

TAAGI, which also includes the Texas Department of Public Safety, found that many states that require sprinkler access in small homes do so based on the height of the door.

In some states, the average height of a door is about two feet.

“The TAAGU does not measure the size and weight of a fire door,” the report states, adding, “Most states do not require sprinkling for fire escapes.”

In some of the smallest Texas cities, the state’s largest

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