When will it start raining?

As a storm moves through the GTA, the first rain in some time could be on its way.

The first rain is expected in the next two to three weeks.

A storm is one of the first things to hit the region on March 19, and rain is likely.

This year, it’s expected to hit on March 12, when it will be possible to see the first showers.

But it’s not a guarantee that the rain will fall in the region as the atmosphere warms.

The storm is expected to bring cold, wet air to the city, which will make it more difficult for precipitation to fall.

If you need a map, here it is: Storms bring rain, snow, and thunder to the GTA.

A map showing the weather in the GTA in March.

It will rain, but it’s unlikely that it will fall on a big scale.

Weather Forecaster Marcia Stewart with the Canadian Weather Service said it could be a bit more of a challenge to get a map of the GTA as it gets warmer.

Stewart said that in the past, there have been rain events in the spring, but not much in the winter months.

“If you get a storm that is forecasted to bring rain over the GTA from February to March, it will definitely bring rain that is going to be quite heavy,” she said.

“We have a few months like that in a row.”

Stewart said she doesn’t think the forecast is bad.

“It’s certainly not going to happen again,” she added.

However, she added that even if it does rain, it won’t be as heavy as it was in years past.

“A lot of those rain events that we had were much heavier,” she explained.

In addition to a rain event, there are two other types of events that are forecast to happen: storms and thunderstorms.

While there are no rain events, there will be heavy winds.

These events are predicted to bring gusty winds of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

It is possible that they will be much heavier than normal.

If the forecast does see rain, the city could see more hail and thunderstorm damage.

The weather can change quickly in the Toronto area.

In the past month, the weather has moved to the south-southwest and west.

This could result in rain and gusty wind gusts that could cause serious damage to buildings and damage to vehicles.

Stewart noted that the weather can also change overnight.

If it’s a bit cooler than usual, there could be more snow.

And if it’s sunny, there might be a lot more sunshine.

But she said that if it is raining and snowing, there’s not much chance of the storm hitting.

Weatherforecaster Marcie Stewart with CCPA.

She added that the chance of a storm hitting the GTA will depend on the amount of wind and rain.

“In general, the forecast has been pretty good in the last few months.

In that last month, we had a couple of thunderstorms that brought down trees, but those storms weren’t quite as big as we would have liked.

So we’ve got a little bit of a window here,” she noted.

The worst part is that it won-t happen every time, she said, but if it happens, the impact could be catastrophic.

Stewart cautioned that if you have a roof over your head and don’t have a car, you should make sure to stay safe.

Stewart also cautioned against going to the grocery store early because the weather could be unpredictable. “

Just because the storm is over doesn’t mean you should just turn on the light and get home and drive your car,” she advised.

Stewart also cautioned against going to the grocery store early because the weather could be unpredictable.

“That could be the case if it gets a little warmer, and it could also be that the snow and ice is coming down.

It’s going to make things a little more complicated,” she pointed out.

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