When Trump finally puts his house on the market, we’ll be there for it

Donald Trump has been negotiating for years with real estate agents who want to sell his home in Washington, DC.

But he has never given up on the idea.

In fact, he’s not even given up the hope of finally getting the house he wants on the block.

He just hasn’t been able to make it happen, sources tell Newsweek. 

When Trump finally gets the house on his block, he’ll be the first person in the world to own it. 

He is also a major investor in a real estate venture that will have the potential to transform Washington, D.C. For decades, the area around the White House has been an economic drain on the city.

But, with the advent of the Trump family, a revitalized neighborhood is beginning to emerge.

Trump, a billionaire and real estate developer, has invested millions of dollars in a neighborhood project in the area known as the White Horse Pike, where a small number of people work as a barber shop and restaurant, and a local barbershop is being redeveloped.

He also owns the land where the Washington Monument is located.

He has invested in a hotel on the Pike, a hotel adjacent to the White River, and plans to build a new golf course at the site.

In addition, Trump has invested hundreds of millions of heirloom tomatoes in the neighborhood.

Trump is also an avid golfer.

His courses in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia have been among the highest rated in the country. 

In Washington, the Trump administration is working to help him make a big investment.

The president has long called the neighborhood a “disaster area,” and the administration is pushing for a large investment to transform the area.

The White House says the Trump-owned property, once the White Street mansion, would be worth at least $25 million, but that figure could be much higher.

The property is owned by a group of wealthy investors led by billionaire financier David Geffen.

The group includes real estate mogul and political donor Paul Singer, who is Trump’s chief fundraiser.

In November, Singer pledged $2 billion to the Trump White House. 

Trump’s involvement in the development of the Whitehorse Pike has been a source of controversy.

Singer has long been critical of Trump and has said that the development would be a “fraud” because it would benefit Trump and his family.

In January, he tweeted that Trump should go bankrupt and then rebuild Washington, and suggested that Trump donate his proceeds to charity. 

The White House declined to comment on Singer’s involvement. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s son Eric, who was the president’s son-in-law, recently announced he would be joining Singer’s White House advisory board. 

Singer and Geffen, who are also members of the National Republican Congressional Committee, have been trying to sell the area since the 1970s.

They have said that they are not interested in selling it for any financial gain, but rather to help the neighborhood revitalize. 

Geffen has made headlines in recent years for a number of controversial investments.

In 2010, he invested in the purchase of the defunct Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, which is now called the The Philadelphia Inquiresters.

Geffen also invested in an effort to get rid of the “carnival of death” that is the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, which has been in the National League since 1974. 

While the president may be looking to buy the property for some money, he will need to find a developer to help finance the project.

Geffers group, which includes Singer, has yet to secure a developer. 

For now, Geffen is making a strong push to get his proposal through the Whitehouse.

“It’s a historic property and it’s in the heart of the District,” he told Newsweek in November.

“We’re going to build it, and we’ll have the best developers in the business.

And we’ll make sure that this project is the best that it can be.” 

It’s not just Geffen’s group that has interest in the project, but also real estate developers, who have been pushing for it to be developed.

The New York City Council has passed a bill that would allow Geffen to build the White house on land that has been vacant for decades.

The bill, which would go into effect in 2019, requires the administration to find an affordable developer for the property. 

This is not the first time Geffen has tried to buy up the property and redevelop it for his own use. 

Earlier this year, he announced that he would build a luxury condo tower near the White Capitol on the site of the historic Capitol building in downtown Washington, where Trump had lived during his first run for office.

He had hoped to build such a tower for $300 million, and he also had plans to redevelop the former White House grounds. 

But Geffen said he was turned down by the president.

“The White house

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