When Minecraft house hits full-size version in Texas, it’ll be $6 million

Full-size Minecraft houses are getting some serious attention in Texas as a way to improve public infrastructure, with some of the largest Minecraft houses in the world getting built in the Lone Star State.

Minecraft houses in Texas are made from the same materials as the popular Minecraft mod, but they’re being built for a different purpose: making it easier to build them.

The Texas Tribune reported that the Texas House of Representatives approved a bill Thursday that will allow builders to use a “building block” to make a Minecraft house that can be used to house any size.

The Texas House voted in favor of the bill on Thursday, according to the Tribune, which cited a statement from House Speaker Joe Straus, R-Cedar Hill.

House Bill 1544 passed on a 23-16 vote.

It requires builders to make Minecraft houses out of “materials and methods that meet or exceed the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” and requires the project to be approved by the state Department of Public Works and Highways.

That could take anywhere from a few weeks to months.

The bill also specifies that the house be made in a way that “is consistent with current practices.”

The House also approved a similar bill in June, but the bill was vetoed by Gov.

Greg Abbott, R.T. Weighing in on the Texas bill, Straus told the Tribune that the goal was to give builders the ability to build the houses in a timely manner, adding that they’re not trying to create the “largest house in the universe.”

The Texas Tribune has more on the state of Minecraft:

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