‘We’ll be talking to the families’: The story of the family that lived in the home in this photo

A woman and her two daughters are suing the city of Toronto for $15 million in damages for the wrongful eviction they endured from their landlord and the police who raided their home.

The woman’s daughter said her father was “hurt” when the police raided their property in the summer of 2017.

The case is one of several cases that have rocked the Toronto housing market.

“I think it’s just really unfair to the tenants of this building and their families and that’s why I’m filing this lawsuit,” said the woman’s lawyer, Stephen Lipsky.

“They had nothing to do with the illegal activity that took place and that is what we want the city to know.”

The couple and their three children moved into the five-bedroom, two-bathroom house on Bathurst Street in July 2017.

It was the family’s first home.

In an interview with CBC News, Lipski said the couple did not know that the home was under police surveillance.

He said the police raid was ordered by Toronto’s housing czar, the mayor and Toronto’s mayor-designate.

He also said the city’s police watchdog had been informed.

Lipskys lawyer said the raid was a result of an ongoing investigation.

Linsley said that he is representing his client and that the city will likely be required to pay damages.

He did not specify a number.

“It’s not a very high amount.

I can tell you that it’s in the tens of thousands of dollars,” he said.

Lippsky said he was “shocked and disgusted” by what happened to his clients.

“You would think that in a situation like this that they would have to go through all the hoops and hurdles and be told, ‘This is how it is going to work,'” Lipsking said.

The family had been renting a two-bedroom home on Bathurbes for two years, and had a three-year lease for a third property on the block.

In their application to the court, the family said they had been living in the house for two months.

They said the landlord told them he would vacate the property when he got a new tenant, but they were told it would be a month later.

Lipkys told CBC News he had “no idea” what happened after the landlord vacated the property.

“This is just another case where the tenants and the people living in that property were not aware of what happened,” he added.

That’s just not acceptable.” “

But it’s outrageous.

That’s just not acceptable.”

Lips said the family was “stunned” when they learned about the raid on July 27, three days after they moved into their new home.

“When we saw that the police were there, we thought it was just a routine check on the property,” Lipsley said.

“And when they told us it was going to be a year, it was really a shock.”

Lipp said the building’s owner was “very upset” when he learned the raid.

He called the police action “disgusting.”

He said he also had concerns that the property was “a rental property” and that he did not have a security deposit.

He told CBC that he was surprised to learn that the building was not on the city block, because “we knew that was our home.”

The family said the property’s owner did not sign a lease for the property, but said he “never signed a lease.”

“The fact that this was a rental property and it was not in the city is not the same as being a tenant,” he told CBC.

LIPKYS SAYS ‘WE HAVE A NEW PLACE TO LIVE’ When the couple moved into a four-bedroom house on Gerrard Street in May 2017, they said they knew nothing of the police raids, other than that they were tenants.

They were living with their mother and sister, who are still living in their former home.

Their daughter said she was in bed on July 24 when the officers knocked on the door and demanded to know who they were.

She said she didn’t respond and she heard the doorbell ring.

“We didn’t have a chance to say anything and then they came and raided our home,” Lippys said.

They didn’t get any response from the police.

The home is now owned by an unnamed family member who has no comment on the case.

“The city’s been so good to us,” Lipksy said.

He was shocked to learn the building they had rented had been “routed” and the officers “knew exactly where we lived.”

“I mean, it’s really shocking,” he says.

“If it wasn’t a rental building, why did it have to be on the street?”

Lipsys said the officers also raided the home of a neighbour, who was not present for the raid but

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