‘We are not the bad guys’: Victorian house designs in pictures

By John BurtRead moreThis week’s Victorian House of the Year is a piece of Victorian architecture known as a ‘gingerbuck’ house, which is a house built for people who like to eat a bit of food and live to a ripe old age.

This Victorian house design is the story of how a Victorian house was inspired by the idea of ‘grubbing’, which was the idea that when you have a bit more food, you can enjoy yourself a bit longer.

As you can see from the picture, the house has a bit less of a kitchen and a bit higher ceilings, as well as a more modern look.

The ‘grubs’ that are sitting on the floor are also the same ones that you see on the walls in the photos above.

Here’s a video from the Victorian House Designers’ Association about the inspiration behind this house design.

It is called the Grubby, and the designers of the house are trying to get people to like eating and grubbing as much as possible.

There are three different kinds of grub: You can either eat a whole grub or put a little bit of grubs on the end of it.

These are called ‘gumdrops’.

These can be served in the form of a pate, a sausage or, of course, a hotdog.

A ‘grubby’ is served with a ‘grube’.

You’ll also see a number of ‘pods’ of different shapes, and a ‘chop’ of meat on the side of a grub.

For the Victorian house, the idea was to create a place where people could have a good time, not just because it was a place to eat, but because it looked good and had a bit to offer.

That’s why this house was built in Victorian times, and that’s why the owners were so keen to incorporate food into the design.

Here are a few more photos of the Victorian Grubbing House: There’s also this Grubber house that the developers of this house built in 1885.

We also love these Grubbers.

One of the owners of this Victorian Grubbber house.

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