The summer house is a classic, but the truth about how it was built

The summer home was built in 1885 by an American couple, James and Elizabeth Miller.

It was meant to be a home for young couples and their families.

Nowadays, it is a landmark and a symbol of the changing landscape of Victorian London.

The Miller family’s home was bought in 1901 by the Duke of Cambridge.

The new owner, George Howard, who lived in the nearby village of East End, had bought a farm, which became known as East End Farm.

He decided to build a mansion on the property, which was completed in 1891.

The house itself is one of the largest ever built in the capital.

It had a capacity of 2,200 guests and had a garden that included a garden hose and a garden door.

There were 12 bedrooms and an elevator.

Inside, guests would enjoy a dining room with a fireplace and a terrace overlooking the river.

There was also a lounge, dining room and a library, as well as a bedroom suite.

Inside the house, a pool and a swimming pool were added.

It has remained in use by the Millers and their children, and has remained one of London’s most visited Victorian homes.

The interior is designed by architect Edward Burrows and includes a spiral staircase, vaulted ceilings and a large fireplace.

The kitchen has been designed by artist and sculptor David Maunder.

The living room has a central fireplace and is surrounded by a spiral stairwell.

It is flanked by two large windows overlooking the lake.

The terrace has a large window overlooking the garden.

The garden has a swimming area and is also surrounded by an elegant spiral staircase.

There are also two terraces on the upper level of the house.

There is a small pool on the ground floor and a sauna in the kitchen.

A garden table and a fireplace are on the second floor.

The master suite has a fireplace.

There’s a fireplace in the master bedroom.

Inside there is a library and a bath with a shower.

Inside is a walk-in shower and an outdoor sauna.

There also is a pool in the garden, and a full-sized pool with a bath.

There will also be a children’s play area, a childrens’ playroom and a family lounge.

The bath and sauna are located next to the main living room.

The dining room has an oak-panelled window overlooking a swimming pond and is flanked on the front by a pair of sliding glass doors.

The stairs lead down to the gardens, and are flanked on either side by a series of arched windows.

The entrance to the garden has been converted into a terraced garden.

There has also been a new staircase leading up to the front of the estate, and two large terraces with a terraces in the front and a larger one in the back.

There have also been several improvements to the estate.

The original staircase has been replaced with a stone staircase that leads down to a balcony with a view across the river to the Lake District.

A new, smaller, wooden staircase has also added to the beauty of the property.

A large fire pit and a wood-fired grill are on top of the balcony overlooking the Lake.

There can also be views across the lake from the terrace to the lake, where a view of the lake and its waterfalls can be seen.

The main entry is from the garden garden, with an alcove on the right hand side, with a lift down to ground level.

The entry to the house is also flanked by a glass window, which is open to the water, to allow guests to view the lake in all its beauty.

The bedrooms are on ground level, and can be reached by a staircase that is led from the living room into the terraces.

The second bedroom is located in the main garden.

A staircase to the terracing leads down the terraced entrance to a terracotta-paneled room.

There sits a dining table with an armchair and a sofa.

A bed sits on the bed.

A small bathtub is on the floor in the bedroom.

The front terrace overlooks the Lake and has a window overlooking it.

There a large terrace in the corner of the terracace overlooking the Lake, and another terrace on the other side of the room, with views across to the nearby lake.

A terrace with a walkway leads down into the garden from the front garden.

In the living-room, there is an entry from the kitchen through a small door, into a bedroom with a wardrobe, a bookcase, a dresser and a vanity.

A wardrobe has been added to one of its side rooms.

There appears to be some sort of chimney, but it is not known.

The family home has been visited by thousands of people since it was first built in 1890, and is one the most visited properties in London.

A guidebook has been published in 2018.

It tells the story of the Miller family, their children and their estate

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