The most iconic cliff house in Australia

The most famous cliff house on the continent is set to be torn down in a controversial land grab by developers.

Key points:The iconic cliff in the Pilbara has been home to a number of famous Aboriginal peopleThe site is home to some of Australia’s best-known Aboriginal people including the Dene, Tarsier, and Pilbara DeneThe owners of the property, Bunnings, are demanding $500 million for the siteThe owners are seeking to move the site and demolish itA landowner in the northern New South Wales town of Bunning has asked the state Government to allow them to tear down the iconic cliff.

Key Points:Bunnings owners are demanding a whopping $500m for the areaThe landowner has called on the State Government to demolish the site.

The owners want to move its site and make it their new homeThe state Government has refused to grant permission for the controversial plan.

The property, known as the Bunnidge Mountain, is a major tourist attraction in the North-East of the Pilbar Peninsula.

It is home, amongst other famous Aboriginal figures, to a small community of the Tarsiers, who have lived here for thousands of years.

The Bunnidges claim the property as their own land, but the local Tarsiaree Aboriginal people have opposed it.

The proposed site is currently being developed by a development company called Bunnigan Group.

But the owners have vowed to fight the move, saying the site has been in their family for generations.

“We’re just a family, our ancestors came here, they’re our ancestors,” said one of the owners, Andrew Bunnett.

“It’s a place that they’ve built their homes and a place they’ve lived in for thousands and thousands of year.”

The owners say they have worked for years to find a site suitable for the proposed development.

“They have to tear this thing down,” Mr Bunnet said.

“I’m going to keep fighting.”

Bunnies owners say the site is their heritage and that the site should be restoredMr Bunnetts father, Tom, is the founder of the Banners of the Northern Territory.

He is a well-known figure in the area, having founded a tourism company that sells travel guides.

“The land is a real heritage site and it’s a part of the community,” he said.

Mr Breen said the owners of Bunng’s property had been living there for generations and had built it from scratch.

“This is the best place to build a house,” he explained.

“And I’m saying this for all the Aboriginal people here who love to visit the site.”

Mr Bunnell said the land would need to be restored and the site’s Aboriginal people would have to relocate.

“What the Baunns want is this site demolished,” he added.

“You’ll see the bulldozers coming down.

The property will go, it will be taken away.”

Bunning’s owners want the State to give them permission to tear the site down.

“At this point we need the State and the Government to give us permission to take the property off our hands,” Mr Bernd said.

The developers want $500,000 for the land and to make the new home their new permanent home.

The land will also be developed into an office complex.

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