New York house slipper auctions up for £500,000 – New York Daily News

New York’s hottest house slippings have been auctioned off on eBay for the highest price ever.

The two-story home, known as the “Crazy House”, is owned by a family who have lived in the area for decades.

They have been in the market for a new home for more than a year and are ready to sell their home, which is on a small lot.

The property is currently worth around £600,000.

The auction, which took place on Friday, saw bids from four different buyers.

The family, who are in their 80s, have lived for over 40 years in the house.

They were looking for a home that would be closer to their home in the borough of Manhattan.

However, the family decided to buy the house instead of a home in Brooklyn, which would have meant that they would have to move.

The seller of the house, known only as Jody, said she was shocked by the high price, but said she planned to keep the house and her family in the neighbourhood.

The home has been in private hands since the 1930s and is owned entirely by the family, said Jody.

“It’s just a lovely little house,” she said.

“We just love it here.

The home, in the village of Mount Pleasant, is one of the largest of its kind in the US. “

There’s nothing in the neighborhood that’s worth more than this house.”

The home, in the village of Mount Pleasant, is one of the largest of its kind in the US.

The house is located just three miles (5.6km) from the border with Canada and it has been the property of the family for decades, said Ms Jody who said they were looking forward to seeing the house once it was sold.

“I just think it’s amazing.

It would be so great to have a home like this.

It wouldn’t be the same without it,” she added.

“You don’t see it any other way.

It makes it a little more special.”

The family’s son, John, who is also the owner of the home, said the house had been on the market almost since the 1940s.

“When we first bought it, it was $300,000,” he said.

John said that the house was well kept and was surrounded by trees and flowers.

“This is the nicest house we’ve ever owned,” he added.

A second house in the same neighbourhood, which has the same exact exterior, was also sold for a similar price, although it was more than two decades old.

A third house, in a different area of the borough, sold for $600,600.

Ms Joodys daughter, Julie, who lives in New York, said that she and her sister had been in a bidding war for a couple of months, but had not yet been able to come up with a winning bid.

“The auction has been a huge surprise to us, and we are so happy that we have been able, despite the high asking price, to win,” she wrote on the listing page.

“Jody is a wonderful and caring woman, and she has been very generous with her time, money and time and time again.

We are so thrilled that she is able to keep our home.”

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