New Jersey police chief, who is a retired Marine, has been accused of sexual harassment

Posted February 06, 2019 08:16:07 A New Jersey Police Department officer accused of sexually harassing female officers and employees was appointed to the Police Chief’s Office of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice in 2017, the New York Times reported.


William P. Dolan, a retired marine, was promoted to the position in October 2017 and is a former partner at a law firm.

Dolphan resigned from the department in September 2018.

He was appointed as Chief of Police in October 2018 and remains in the position, according to a statement released by the New Brunswick Police Department.

Dormier, who served in the same position as Pizzo for three years, resigned his post as the chief of the department and retired from law enforcement.

He is now the head of the Rutgers University Police Department’s Criminal Justice Services.

He also served as a police chief in New Jersey for a short period of time in 2016.

Dello’s attorney, Joseph F. Conner, said in a statement that Dolpha was “a friend, mentor and mentor-to-be” to many of the officers and staff who have worked with him in law enforcement and that the allegations were “a distraction from his genuine and commendable service.”

The New Brunswick police department did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

In an interview with the New Hampshire Times, Dolan denied the allegations and said that he had been the victim of an online smear campaign orchestrated by a man he calls a “coward” who “wanted to destroy him.”

“I’ve been attacked and called a liar.

And I have done everything I can do to be a good cop and protect everyone else,” he told the newspaper.

“I’m a human being who has been wronged.”

In a statement to the New Bedford Record, the city’s police union said that the incident with Dolan was an isolated incident and that he was relieved of his duties.

“He has been terminated as a New Brunswick law enforcement officer,” the union said.

“The city does not condone or condone sexual harassment.

It is a violation of our code of conduct.”

In an article on Monday about the alleged harassment of police officers, the Wall Street Journal wrote that police departments are increasingly being accused of treating women as disposable and of being too easy to manipulate.

“One-third of U.S. cities have more than 50 female officers, and one-third have at least 10,” the article said.

The article also cited a study that found that more than half of the U.K. police force are female and that one in five police officers in the U,S.

and Australia are women.

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