Kliff Kingsbury Says He Will Not Perform at ‘Waffle House’ Party: ‘I’ll Have to Move on’

AUSTIN, Texas — Kliff Kingbury, who sang at the 2016 White House inauguration, said Friday that he will not perform at the Waffle House Party next month in the Texas capital.

Kingbury has been in a contract dispute with the company for several months.

He told The Associated Press he will be performing at the April 21 event.

He said he was asked to stay away by Wafflehouse after the company hired an attorney to try to have him fired.

Kingstown is the country’s first-ever female rock star and the first woman to perform at a White House.

King, who is from Los Angeles, has sung at both the White House and the Capitol.

She released a video last year at the inauguration, but has not performed since.

In her video, King sang about how the government was broken, and how she was just standing up for what was right.

She also said she didn’t think she had a chance.

But King was asked by a reporter if she planned to attend the March 31 party.

“No, no, no.

I’ve got to move on,” she said.

King told the AP he planned to perform on Friday at the same event.

“I have a lot of other things that I can do, so I will just be a little quiet and do some music, and we’ll see what happens,” King said.

“But I’ll be doing my job, which is to bring the country together.”

He said the party was “very sad” to see.

He had planned to go to the event on March 30, but the contract had been up for months.

King said she wanted to perform for the first time since her husband, Jerry King, died in January at age 88.

She sang the national anthem on Friday, but her husband had not been able to come.

She thanked the people who helped her with the performance.

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