King’s fish-house will open next week

A former British restaurant chain has announced it will open a new fish house in central London in the summer.

The new restaurant, in the city’s Chinatown district, will open in June.

The King’s Fish House will offer a menu of fish, shellfish, fish sauce and curry.

The restaurant’s chef, David Jones, said the new location would be a new home for his family business, King’s Food.

It will offer fresh fish and seafood from the UK and the Caribbean, including oysters, crab and scallops.

King’s was established in 2013 by Jones and a team of chefs.

They have had a successful run in the UK, serving fish in restaurants including Bournemouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Bristol St, Cardiff and Exeter.

The company’s restaurant portfolio includes Bournieys seafood and fish dishes, the famous King’s Seafood and King’s seafood cocktails, among others.

The former restaurant chain had been operating in central and east London since it opened its restaurant in 2012.

The fish house, which will be run by Jones’ family business and run by a team, will be a “family-owned” restaurant, Jones said.

He said he wanted to “take care of the neighbourhood” and “bring something fresh to the market”.

King’s is the only British fish-restaurant to open a restaurant in central Britain.

The opening of the new King’s will be “a huge win for the neighbourhood”, Jones said, adding that he hoped the new restaurant would be an “amazing success”.

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