Indian girl gets 2,000-dollar dress for ‘Doll House furniture’

A Mumbai-based fashion designer, a former model and a fashion agent have come up with a new way to decorate their homes in a bid to sell the house, a white house or a doll house.

Mumbai-based designer Anupam Kumar has designed a unique doll house, which is being sold as a ‘dollhouse furniture’ to rent from the owner.

The doll house is an attractive addition to any home.

It’s a home designed to be a place for the child to be entertained, with a variety of different items available, including a doll, a toy, and a doll bed, as well as a table, a bed, a chair, a sofa, a dresser, a doll toilet, a table lamp, a light and a light fixture, a cup holder, a lamp, and other items, Kumar said.

The house, called “Dollhouse”, has a variety available for the owner to use, including toys, dolls, books, and more.

The designer said the dolls, which come in a range of shapes and sizes, are intended for children aged between 2 and 9 years.

The house also has a large library that can be accessed by the owner for studying, and is designed to look like a library, Kumar added.

The owner, however, does not have to buy any of the dolls and toys.

The dolls are meant to be bought in bulk for around Rs. 20,000, and are not necessarily meant for children of the owner’s age group, Kumar told The Times Of India.

He said the doll house has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom closet.

It also has an additional bedroom for the girl, as per the specifications of the house.

The builder, who has worked in the industry for over 10 years, has also offered the house for sale to people who want to make their own furniture.

He said the house could be used as a base for furniture.

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