‘I’m a house hunter’: Former House Speaker Ryan says he’s a house hunters

In a rare interview with The Hill, former House Speaker Paul Ryan says his time as a House speaker has been a “house hunt.”

Speaking with the publication of his book, “The New House Hunters,” Ryan says that he spent three decades as a lawmaker in the House, and “in my last two years in the chamber, I’ve done the house hunting.”

He said his House colleagues often ask him “why did you vote against the war in Iraq?”

“Why did you support the Iraq War?”

“The reason I voted against it was I was a home builder.

So I’m a builder,” he said.

Ryan said he did not “want to be a war hawk,” and he said he was “a home builder.”

“The home builder is not a war maker.

I’ve built homes in my own country,” he added.

“The war is a war.

And the home builder has no business being a warhawk.”

When asked about the war’s impact on the economy, Ryan said it was “absolutely devastating.”

“It’s been the single greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression.

And it’s been devastating,” he continued.

“And that’s not just a problem in the United States, it’s a problem all over the world.”

Ryan says that the current tax code, as well as the war, has “destroyed jobs.”

“What you’re seeing right now is a massive increase in the amount of tax breaks and special interest loopholes, and they’re going to end up costing a lot of jobs,” he warned.

“If we’re going forward with this tax code as it stands, I think we’ll have a major, major, big recession.”

Ryan said that the war has created a “very bad mood in Washington” and that it is “not a good time” to be in Washington.

He said that if the U.S. wants to rebuild its economic strength, it needs to “focus on creating good jobs.”

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