How to save money on your mortgage, mortgage insurance, and your credit score, in six easy steps

How to: Save money on home, mortgage, and mortgage insurance.

How much should I spend on home and mortgage?

How much is too much?

Which type of home should I buy?

What is my monthly mortgage payment and the best rate to pay?

Should I get insurance or pay in full?

How to buy a home, home mortgage, or home equity loanHow much will it cost?

What are the pros and cons of insurance and which type?

How do I qualify for a loan?

What if my credit score falls below 300?

Can I qualify on a fixed rate loan?

Will I get the same terms or lower rates if I buy a mortgage?

Do I need to go to a financial aid office to apply for loans?

How does the credit score affect my credit scores?

Will you be able to apply?

What’s the best way to compare your credit scores with other people?

What can I do with my credit?

What do I need when I apply for a mortgage loan?

When do I apply to get a loan from my mortgage company?

What should I know about credit scores before I apply?

Do lenders have a credit score?

Is there an online credit score comparison site?

How can I get a credit report?

What will my credit history look like when I’m in college?

Can a credit card be used to apply to a loan for my student loan?

How long do I have to pay off a credit account?

How often do I pay my credit card debt?

What credit card companies are in business?

Can you cancel your credit card after it’s expired?

Will my credit report be used against me in court?

What happens if I’m denied a loan due to a credit reporting error?

What to do if your credit report is inaccurate?

How easy is it to get an update on my credit status?

What kind of loan is best for me?

Can someone with a low credit score apply for my loan?

Can your credit history be used in court against you?

Is my credit file vulnerable to hackers?

How risky is it for someone with an extremely low credit rating to apply or refinance a loan on my behalf?

Can the lender change my credit record?

How will my home or mortgage be serviced?

What other lenders may have my information?

What does a credit history actually look like?

Will creditors see my credit reports?

What I can do if my home is burglarized or damage is done to it?

How hard is it, legally, to get my loan discharged?

How would I get my credit approved?

What types of credit cards can I use?

What kinds of credit score checks do they do?

What about my credit rating when I’ve filed for bankruptcy?

What legal rights do I get when I get credit scores for a credit or mortgage?

Will a credit rating affect how I repay a loan or credit card?

What options are available for students with poor credit?

How should I protect myself from identity theft?

How am I supposed to protect my identity if I have no other way of keeping it?

Can creditors know my credit ratings?

What information should I include on my application for a home loan?

Do you need a credit inquiry from your credit bureau?

What type of credit reporting agency can I report to?

How important is it when I have a bad credit score to update it?

Will credit scores affect how lenders decide if I qualify to apply and refinance?

Is it legal to ask for a lower interest rate on a loan to repay a credit debt?

How many months should I be paying off my credit cards?

What else can I know?

What sort of credit reports do lenders have?

How safe are I to borrow money?

Do creditors know credit scores or credit report information?

Does the government have a database of my credit records?

Does credit reporting by a third party like Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion give you access to my credit information?

Will the government ever be able, through a law or regulation, to obtain my credit files?

Will your credit file be used for your credit or loan?

Who has access to your credit information, and who can access it?

What protections do I want to take to prevent my credit or credit score from being used against my in-person or online identity?

What forms of payment are acceptable when I am making payments on my personal or business account?

Is an arbitration clause needed to get paid on my own account?

What the government should do with all your personal or professional information?

Is the government monitoring your credit and your ability to pay for your loans?

Will it be legal for a third-party company to sell your information to anyone else?

How could you help us keep our online and offline identities anonymous?

What financial institutions are under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission?

Can they sell your financial information without your consent?

What you need to know about the FTC:The FTC investigates unfair, deceptive, and abusive business practices, including practices that are intended to influence the advertisement,

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