How to make Bill Gates’ house hippo a house of M

Bill Gates says his new smart house will have “more room than the average home” but that he’ll have to pay $400,000 to buy it.

“The first one I made, I paid $200,000 for.

The second one was $300,000, so I paid about $300 million for it,” Gates said in an interview with Vanity Fair published Thursday.

“It has enough room to hold a person, but it’s not quite room enough for the house.

The house is more room than I ever wanted.”

Gates said the house will cost around $1 billion, which would put it in the same league as the biggest mansions in the world.

The Gates house, which he plans to complete by the end of the year, is a combination of three different concepts: a house with a roof, a house in the sky, and a house inside the sky.

The three are all connected.

The sky house will be a “sitting-on-the-ground house,” where people will be able to walk up and down the stairs without the risk of falling into the water.

The first one, called The Hill House, will be built with solar panels and wind turbines that will create a wind turbine-shaped structure to house the house in its entirety.

It’s going to have a pool, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a spa, and all the amenities that people expect from a home.

“I think it’s going do what I’ve always wanted, the house inside a house,” Gates told Vanity Fair.

“There’s not going to be any room for the family, but we can have all the things that people need in the house, so we can do it all together.

That’s how we want it.

It will be an indoor house.”

The house will also have a kitchen.

Gates said he is planning to add a “tombstone” to the house to make it look like it is an actual tombstone.

Gates’ family moved to his new home when he was 16, but his mother and his stepfather were the ones who raised him.

“They taught me the importance of being able to communicate and to share what you’re doing,” Gates added.

“So when I started, my parents weren’t in the room with me.”

Gates’ new smart home will include a TV, wireless internet, smart sensors, and an app for living things.

He plans to make a big push on social media to let people know about the house and to connect to it, too.

He said he’s already gotten feedback on social networks and that he plans on doing more things like this.

“We’ve gotten a lot of emails, and people have said, ‘I’ve seen it.

I’ve got friends there who are there, I know I can’t go anywhere without them.'”

Gates said that he is also planning to build a museum to house his collection of art, which will be in the space of two rooms.

Gates is currently working on a plan to build more houses that will be connected by “a giant solar-powered cable that goes everywhere.”

The Gates family is now in the process of making a second house, the one in the skies.

Gates says the second house will not have a swimming pond, and will only house the two of them in a house.

“That will be like an indoor pool, but a floating house,” he said.

Gates added that his new house will feature “a big TV screen,” which he hopes will allow people to “watch everything on the TV.”

Gates also said he wants to build his own solar panels so that the house can be self-sufficient and that the roof will be “completely off the ground.”

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