How to Find a Home for Your Dog’s Love Interest in South Korea

By The Associated PressA home in the South Korean capital, Seoul, was once again sold for $5 million.

The two-story house, which sold for just under $5,000, has a master bedroom with a double bed and a balcony.

It is the first time a house in the country has been sold in five years.

The seller, a Chinese-born real estate agent who goes by “Yongseok,” told the AP that the house was once home to two dogs who were trained to be loyal to the owner and were “very affectionate” to her.

She said the house has an attached backyard, a pool and two large garden plots.

The property was bought for $10,000 in 2007 and has been home to three dogs, two of whom remain, according to the AP.

The AP spoke with Yoon Seung-won, who told the paper the two dogs were a male and a female.

He said the dogs lived with him and his wife in the house for about a year before he retired in 2014.

They had been a fixture in his life for years, but they were not as “nice” to him as he was used to, Yoon said.

When he retired, the house, now owned by a third person, became his primary home.

Yoon’s husband owns a similar house in Seoul, and he said they have had good luck finding a suitable replacement for the older house.

Yoo Hyun-hee, a real estate broker, said she had seen a similar situation in the past with two dogs that were trained for loyalty.

She told the Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo that dogs are also considered family members, and they need to be treated fairly and well.

The Korean government recently tightened rules that would allow owners of pets to adopt a second family member as well as owners of dogs to adopt children.

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