How to build a Lego house

When you’ve spent months working out how to build your own house, you probably wonder what it’s like to live in it.

Now you’ll know thanks to a new video from the Lego Ideas website.

Here’s the video, which shows the inside of a Lego House, created using a computer program that can do all sorts of things.

The Lego House is a very different kind of building from a house that you’d build yourself.

Instead, the Lego House uses a lot of Lego parts to build the house.

Here are some of the highlights:There’s a Lego garage that contains a few different Lego items and a Lego kitchen that contains an array of kitchen utensils, a stove, and a microwave.

Here is the Lego Kitchen, where the kitchen and the bathroom are located.

The kitchen is designed to look like a traditional kitchen, but it’s actually the “build-it-yourself” version of a traditional oven, as seen in the video.

The house itself is made up of several Lego components: a “house-bunk” that houses the entire house, an underground garage, a kitchen, and an underground bathroom.

Here’s how that looks inside the house:There are some Lego bricks in the kitchen, which are also part of the house, as well as in the basement.

In addition to the house itself, there are several other parts inside the Lego house that are different from what you’d find in a traditional house.

Here are a few of those:There is a Lego “kitchen” inside the kitchen.

Here it is in its built-in configuration:The house includes a “car” and a “shopping cart” for the shopping.

The “shops” are made of bricks, which means that they can be made out of different colors.

The car also includes an interior mirror, so that the Lego houses are “built like a living room.”

It is important to note that this house is not a real house.

There are no bricks in it; it is all Lego.

The Lego house is built in Lego.

As you can see, this is a much simpler Lego house than a traditional one, with the Lego components arranged like a house.

The LEGO House is available for free on the website.

It is also available in the “Build-it Yourself” section of the website, and as an add-on for $2.99.

It’s an interesting addition to Lego’s existing “make-your-own” section, which can be used for anything from a simple project to more complicated designs.

What do you think?

Do you have a Lego building challenge?

Let us know in the comments below.

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