How to build a glass house with a DIY, minimalistic look

In her new book The Glass House: Making Your Own DIY Glass, designer Sarah Fuhrman uses the kitchen as a canvas to reimagine what a glass kitchen could look like.

Her inspiration comes from the kitchen of her late husband.

Fuhrs house in the San Francisco Bay Area was originally built in the 1930s, but it took five years for the couple to turn it into a glass and metal house.

The kitchen is a “glass house” and “glasshouse” is a term coined by Fuhrons husband in the 1960s, which refers to a type of modernist style.

“The kitchen has always been the center of my house,” she says.

“It’s where I’m creating and creating the spaces.”

Fuhring’s approach to designing a glasshouse is to build it as simple as possible and then let it evolve through the seasons.

“When I started thinking about what a kitchen could be, I realized that it’s a lot like the kitchen itself,” she explains.

“In a glass home, you have a kitchen where you cook everything.

When you cook something, you turn the food into a cup.

When it’s done, you pour it down the sink.

When something is in the dishwasher, it’s just washed in the washing machine.”

Fumering the kitchen with tea, coffee, and tea leaves is a simple way to keep the house from looking outdated.

The glass house is also designed to be a focal point for all of your spaces, with a large glass screen that acts as a countertop, a table, and a shelf.

“I wanted to make the kitchen into a little bit of a focal piece, but still a place that I’m able to connect with people and have a conversation with them,” she tells me.

“There are also spaces that are set up for a conversation, where people can have a drink together, or maybe have a snack or something.

There are also more informal spaces that I really wanted to incorporate in the house, like a table where you can get some coffee or tea and then move to the kitchen.

There’s also a lot of space for people to sit and talk and just talk about what’s going on.

This is just like a glass garden, but with the glass house.”

The kitchen also includes a living room, dining room, and an outdoor patio.

Fumery in the kitchen Fumers kitchen has a small living area with a couple of cabinets, a small dining room that can hold two people, and several tables and chairs.

Fumer is careful to build the kitchen so that it looks minimal and has minimal furniture.

“You can imagine if we were to build this house and it was made out of the same materials and materials that we use in our kitchens, you would feel like you had just made an outdoor space for yourself,” she adds.

“That would be really interesting, but the idea is to have a space where you could actually talk and have conversations with your friends.”

The living room is where you will spend most of your time.

Fums small kitchen space has a bed, a couch, and shelves for all the different objects in her home.

Fuher says that the main draw to the living room was that it was a place to gather for meetings and family time.

“If you have kids, you can put a couch in there and they can sit in there,” she notes.

“They can go to the backyard, where you have your pool table, your BBQ, and your backyard.

And then you can have your table, you’ve got a coffee table, a wine rack, and then a wine bottle.

You can have an exercise machine there.

There is a lot to do here.

It’s a great place to have these conversations, to have fun, to be out in the world, and to connect to your friends and to your family.”

She also says that there is room for everyone to have an outdoor spot.

“People love the outdoor part of it, because it’s so beautiful and it’s free,” she observes.

“But there are also times when you want to have some privacy and have some space for your own personal space, and there’s an outdoor table, but you can also have some other things on there.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

It could be a chair, it could be your kitchen table, it can be a couch that is covered in flowers or a table that is wrapped in fabric, you could have an entire wall.”

The patio The patio is a great spot for people who want to go out and enjoy the Bay Area weather and also to hang out with friends.

It also has the added benefit of providing some space where Fumher can make a few extra cups of tea and coffee.

Fuchries small patio also has a large, wooded deck that is lined with trees and flowers.

“We wanted to keep it in nature and not add a lot,” she admits.

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