How King’s Fish House, which is named after King’s son, became a popular spot for locals to chill out in India

King’s fish and chip shop has become a popular haunt in India and a popular hangout for locals.

A report by The Times of India said the restaurant is named for the king’s son King Kasturam, who has also held the post of president.

The eatery is located in the village of Chhattarpur in the western Indian state of Rajasthan.

The restaurant has been open for a few years and it was named after the son of the king of the kingdom, a senior official from the city said.

The name of the fish house was given to it after the king wanted it named after his son, who died in 2008, the official said.

The fish house is one of the oldest fish restaurants in India, which was opened in 1892.

It was later bought by the Rajasthani government in 2002.

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