House blueprints to be updated to ‘reimagined’ for the 21st century

The world’s largest house blueprint, which once belonged to the United Nations, has been redrawn for the new millennium.

The blueprint for the sprawling property on a hillside near London was designed by architect James Lister in the 1950s.

It was bought by the United States Congress in 2010, but in 2016 it was sold to the British government for £1.7bn.

The blueprint was designed to accommodate people of all ages and backgrounds.

It now contains a house, office, living room, dining room, library, kitchen and bedroom, as well as a car park and playground.

A new design by Lister, based on the house in London, is set to be published in 2021.

The project, called ‘House of M’, was funded by the European Union and was one of the biggest international houses projects in recent years.

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