‘Chop house’ to reopen after 3 months

‘Chops house’ is now open to the public after three months of renovations.

The iconic restaurant in the heart of London’s trendy Knightsbridge has been transformed into the latest chapter in the story of its founder, Tony Chops.

The house will reopen to the community on December 13.

Tony Chops will be doing a great deal more work in the coming months and it is now up to the city to bring it back to life.””

It was the perfect venue to bring together the locals and also showcase our new restaurants.”

Tony Chops will be doing a great deal more work in the coming months and it is now up to the city to bring it back to life.

“The new restaurant, which opened on February 13, was a collaboration between the new owners and the Chops family, with the first two stages of the restaurant being built in the house.

Mr Vittorio said: “Tony Champs family has been working for over two decades to bring us back to health and to make our dream restaurant a reality.”

I am very proud of the work we have done together and I am proud to be working with Tony Champs to bring this restaurant back to the people.”

The kitchen has been completely redone with modern kitchens, new lighting, and the building has been updated with new furniture and furnishings.

Mr Champs hopes to reopen the house again in the next couple of months.

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