Boring: the House of Wax is a fun and silly new twist on the classic, bingo house

By Kate KellyThe iconic bingo houses of the 1920s are back with a new twist: They’re all built out of old wood and bamboo.

It’s a design idea inspired by the Borscht Belt and the house of bingo in Los Angeles, and it’s part of a trend in Australia.

The idea of making a house of wood and wooden materials for bingo was first explored by the Australian furniture designer Paul O’Connor in 2012, when he was still working on his furniture collection.

O’Connor’s idea was to use wood and wood-framed furniture as an alternative to the bingo rooms of the time.

Wood and bamboo is traditionally used for the construction of wooden houses in Australia, but it’s not the only way to make a bingo room out of wood.

There are other styles of bongos in use, like the ‘wood and steel bingo’, or ‘wood box bingo’ – a traditional bingo bingo that has wood panels in the centre of the room.

The ‘Borscht belt’ is a classic Australian word, which means a ring of wood around a wooden cross.

The house of wooden and bamboo, a bongo house in Melbourne, is the first of its kind in the US.

But unlike traditional bongoes, these wooden houses don’t use bamboo for their roof, as many traditional bongs do.

Instead, these houses are made out of reclaimed wood and balsa wood.

The houses were designed by the furniture designer Tom Bensley, and have a history dating back to the early 1900s.

Overnight, they caught the attention of local residents.

The Borsch belt houses in Melbourne have been around for years, but this one has been around since 2015.

They have a lot of wood in them, as well as a lot more bamboo.

They’ve also got a lot going on than just wood and the wooden floor.

They also have some really good wood-to-glass finishes, as shown in the video below.

The House of Borscha Belt is a great idea.

It has the best of both worlds.

It’s both functional and creative.

But it also has an amazing story behind it.

Borsch belts were popular among people in the Victorian period, which included people who were in debt.

Borsches were a very popular drink in Victorian times.

In the early 20th century, the Bonscha Belt was popular among the working classes.

It was cheap, and cheap meant a lot to working people.

Bonsch was a way for people to earn money without working, so it was seen as an escape.

In modern times, the house is a bit of a joke.

But, in the 1920’s and 1930s, it was a popular place for people of all classes to gather.

Bongs were the most popular form of gambling in Victorian and early 20st century Australia, as the popularity of the bongs made it possible for gambling to become part of everyday life.

The British East India Company banned bongs from 1857.

The Victorian government, along with the Home Office, outlawed bongs in 1879.

But by the early 1950s, the Victorian Government allowed bongs to be used by people of every age.

In those days, bongs were considered an acceptable alternative to gambling, because they were relatively easy to make and had a very low cost.

It also gave people a reason to keep gambling after they retired from it.

In some cases, bongers were known as ‘sponges’, because they used a watery solution that was used to wash away a gambler’s debts.

In these days, people who made money gambling would use a lot or the majority of their income to buy bongs and keep them in their home.

This would make the house feel luxurious and luxurious at the same time.

The people who built these houses were all quite successful.

It wasn’t unusual for people in this period to own property and make their own money, which meant that their property was valued.

It would also be possible for the wealthy to get involved in gambling, so they could keep up with the times.

These bong houses are all in the same place, but they’re not all in one place.

The house in the red is in a house called the Bursch Belt house, which is in the middle of a small village in central Australia.

This house is built on the back of a huge wooden boat.

There’s a garden nearby.

The rest of the house has bamboo panels and a wooden staircase that leads to a terrace.

There are also several other wooden buildings, which are just as big.

These wooden houses are a lot different from the bongoing houses of today.

In the Victorian era, bongoing meant playing a bongo game with a wooden stick, while in the 20th and 30th century it meant playing poker.

This meant that

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